We offer our clients specialised services to ensure complete client satisfaction.


We provide our clients with the most cost effective product and services.


We have knowledgeable staff with over 20 years of experience in the industry.


We ensure our products are of the highest quality, genuine and guaranteed against manufacturing defects.


At Eleganza we specialise in loose and certified diamonds, wholesale and retail services. We are able to determine from clients quotations whether the claims are inflated, which seems to be a common trend when replacement quotations are submitted to insurance companies. This service also assists to detect fraudulent claims. The insurance companies will save on costs of replacements as all quotations submitted will be properly scrutinised in terms of cost of materials, labour, etc., thus allowing the supplier to only claim for legitimate value of items. This process provides clients with a superior service & superior quality products that meet their expectations. 

We provide manufacturing facilities for exclusive once off international latest designer jewellery. We personally manufacture jewellery according to the clients own personal preference. This service is offered to private clients as well as for insurance claims. We are able to manufacture the jewellery according to their requirements and preferences. 


We offer our clients specialist Jewellery Evaluation Services. This service is available to the clients at their convenience & place. The jewellery is assessed in the clients’ presence & upon return to the office the values are quantified & entered into a certificate, which is then sent off to the Client & Insurance Company. This service helps the client & insurance company ensure correctly thus eliminating any doubt in the event of a claim. The very high end & high value pieces can be photographed & catalogue if agreed upon. This service helps insurers reduce their risk of fraudulent & inflated claims.

When valuating our clients jewellery we ensure four steps are undertaken by our assessors. These steps are Insurance value, Retail value, Second hand value and Estate value. Insurance value refers to the estimated cost of replacement with an item that is similar to the clients. Retail value refers to  how much the client would pay if they were to buy the jewellery from a shop/retail store. Second hand value refers to how much the client would receive if they were to sell off their jewellery, they tend to get between 50% to 75% of the value. Estate value refers to the lowest value for an item, this normally is the case when a client is forced to sell. Clients would normally get 25% of the retail value.


We offer an assessment service which helps the assessor companies save time & money in that claims are speedily & accurately estimate the client’s loss. Based on the details & description given by the client we will determine the correct value of pieces claimed. Eleganza provides specialist, quality services to both the insurer and the insured, with or no inconvenience to either party. All paperwork will be submitted to the insurer for processing thus minimising the time and work involved. 


At Eleganza we offer specialist sourcing of the most cost effective product, minimising Insurer expense on claims without compromising on quality, repairs or replacements. The supply chain between manufactures of raw materials & end user is very short & eliminates middlemen, which translates to lower costs. Items can be redesigned & remanufactured using the most cost effective methods. 

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